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  • Noel Smith

Podcast: Noel Smith featured on Top Traders Unplugged

Description by Top Traders Unplugged:

Today Jason Buck is joined by Noel Smith in our series on Volatility. Topics discussed include: the benefits of ensemble investing, the predictability of market volatility, how certain market environments fool investors into thinking they are better than they really are, allocating between different strategies during different market environments, why nothing beats having ‘skin in the game’, balancing judgement calls versus algorithmic calls, pairs-trading VIX & bonds, determining when an asset is cheap or overpriced, and some thoughts on what might happen if markets enter a ‘stagflationary’ environment.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Ensemble investing and its benefits

  • Whether market volatility can be predicted ahead of time

  • The ways in which the markets can catch investors off-guard

  • ‘Dialing’ into and out of strategies

  • How Noel’s experience in prop trading and pit trading has helped him today

  • Finding the balance between judgement calls and algorithmic signals

  • Noel’s VIX and bonds pairs trade

  • Assessing the current real value of an asset

  • How to approach investing during a ‘stagflationary’ environment

Original post on Top Traders Unplugged available here.

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